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Make a dip. Create a sensation! For cocktail hours, hearty meals with friends, splitting appetizers or family picnics, Malimousse dips are great for any occasion and can be prepared in a flash!

Simply open one or two containers and place the contents on a beautiful plate. Surround with crudités and crackers. That’s it! Now, ENJOY!

Made by Malimousse

A healthy choice

Made with Greek yogurt, all of Malimousse dips present ideas on how to make great snacks. They can make the perfect combo with vegetables.

Because they make vegetables even more appetizing, our dips double their appeal!

Treat yourself to exquisite taste!

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Sans gluten et fait de yogourt grec

Whip up

your tartares

Looking for a quick tartare recipe? It’s easy!

A beautiful piece of salmon, a few finely chopped green onions or cucumbers
and your favorite Malimousse dip is all you need.

Mix all together, season and serve!

Taste our 4 flavors

Shrimp and Dill
Lobster and Chipotle
Salmon and Maple
Crab and Artichoke

Make perfect


Without a doubt, pairing a Malimousse dip with a glass of crisp white wine is more than delectable.

It’s the art of entertaining—easily and elegantly.

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